“The First Time Ever I Saw A Hummingbird” by Didi Menendez

A Swift Exit


The first time ever I saw a hummingbird

the Santa Ana winds were thrusting somewhere

through Sunset Blvd and Highland Ave and the school bell

for Hollywood High rang for first period as the humming

sound and the bell ringing and the children rustling

left me in a tailspin round and round while a song from long ago

twirled around my tongue like a “horse with no name”

I paused and leaned in to make sure of what I was seeing

for I had never before had a hummingbird present itself

to me as if it were a revelation of what was to come or what

had already expired as a filler paper flew out of my denim three ring

notebook and the little bird kept flapping its wings and the beak

was like that of a stingray which once passed by my legs as I jumped

for safety in…

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