Thread Paintings

I’ve started something new. I sew threads onto cloth (canvas). I had to figure out what to call them so I found others who use this medium call it “thread paintings”.  I’ve done only three so far but am working on others. Here is the process for the latest. It is a portrait of my youngest daughter. No title. The size is 14 x 18 inches. What you are looking at here is the back of the canvas. I made the back, the front. I am going to adorn the edges of the canvas but have not started that process yet. 2015-03-17 19.52.48 2015-03-17 22.45.29 2015-03-19 12.54.30 2015-03-19 14.18.05 2015-03-19 16.28.32 2015-03-24 19.40.07


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