Well, It Amuses Me

31VWRctZrnLUnless you’ve been on another planet, you’ll no doubt be aware that I’m publishing a couple of books.

The novel “Going Home: Lost” is available on Amazon Kindle now and can be purchased HERE and I’ve just sent  the manuscript and cover file pdfs to the printers, so the physical copies will be available to buy in 2/3 weeks.

The book of poetry “Absent Ginsberg” will be available as both eBook and physical copy simultaneously and should be WP_20160722_12_17_10_Pro (2)available in a week or so.

If you want physical copies, they are available of pre-order.  Both books are £7.99 and £1 postage. If you live in Southampton, we can arrange no cost delivery, obviously.

Send payment and a note of which book(s) you want via paypal to immanion @ gmail.com (no spaces)


Please consider becoming a patron at https://www.patreon.com/willvigar  As well as a creative blog, there will be exclusive first looks…

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