Milestone: The State of Texas Tried to Kill Me, Part Two.

Jacqueline Marie Alberto

Disclaimer: This is not a short entry. Buckle up. 

Let me tell you something about the state of Texas.

The people are extremely kind hearted, friendly, and down-to-earth.

Let me tell you something else about the state of Texas.

They have more critters under one roof that could latch on and kill you with one bite than I ever expected to even exist in this world: Black Widow spiders will kill you. Rattle snakes will kill you. Scorpions maybe, might kill you. Centipedes, they may not fully kill you, but those fuckers need to be surgically removed because they will take their little poisonous pricklers and latch onto your skin, while they slowly try to suck the living life out of you. (I realize the phrase ‘living life’ is redundant, but I felt it necessary to be used as emphasis on how Texas’s deadliest weapons come in bite-sized form and…

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